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All mini-poems can be read on Instagram or on a computer as opposed to an iPhone or Android. I'm not sure why the formatting for a mobile device omits most of my mini-poems and changes the formatting.

Torrents of confusion

snap the branches

of indecision

which fall

like tossed matches

on a birthday.

                  - Lauren Taub Cohen

Flakes of sun
scamper through the sky
like winged wishes
born from a child's lips.
                     - Lauren Taub Cohen 
Fears croak 
in fields of darkness
but I continue to walk
toward the light
of my dawning dreams.
                       - Lauren Taub Cohen

Once upon a time,

Sleeping Beauty received a kiss

sweet with awakened dreams

and a child’s grasp at freedom’s bliss.

A smile cracked her hardened cheeks

and tremors kicked her heart to beat.



                                 - Lauren Taub Cohen

Last night

I slipped into

a current of joyful tears

and was carried

to the banks of forgiveness

where I finally felt the urge

to step ashore.

                 - Lauren Taub Cohen

The chalky sketch

of the daylight moon

hangs like a coin

slipped halfway

into the seamless slit

of the cerulean sky.

                                                      - Lauren Taub Cohen

Their voices rolled in

like waves crashing against

the shores of heavenly light

and I wept

in the wake

of such unbearable


                  - Lauren Taub Cohen

Their voices rolled in

like waves crashing against

the shores of heavenly light

and I wept

in the wake

of such unbearable


                  - Lauren Taub Cohen

I move through life

like a buoyant jellyfish

propelled by an endless series

of contractions and expansions

guiding me through the succession

of each passing wave.


                            - Lauren Taub Cohen

Perceptions began to shift

after a frisky breeze

dispelled the heavy haze

of those habitual thoughts.


                - Lauren Taub Cohen

Thank you, Diana Gabaldon

The glowing embers

in the nighttime sky

accompany me

as I wade into your words

and am carried away

by the intoxicating brilliance

of your beguiling craft.

                 - Lauren Taub Cohen 

A sun-soaked breeze

whispers through the trees

like a salacious secret

setting the leaves aflutter.

                  - Lauren Taub Cohen

Being With, Not Fleeing From


Unable to outrun or resist

the torrential assaults

of self-blame and fear,

I stop and seek refuge

within the words

I most need to hear.


“I love you.”

“You’re okay.”

“It wasn’t your fault.”


I continue to repeat these words

as the storm thunders toward me,

reaches me, and then drifts away

leaving me sleepy but unscathed.


                           - Lauren Taub Cohen

I think I may have been a cat

in a previous lifetime.

I can rest for hours 

all curled up in sunshine

and pensive solitude- 

Entirely unperturbed

and purring with content.

                   - Lauren Taub Cohen 

Grief has no predictable course

but when permitted to flow

it can gently erode

the years of hardened sentiment

and unearth the pearls

of pleasant memories

                       - Lauren Taub Cohen

I tinker with words

to keep me awake

and connected to

this living life

that spurs me to do

all I can 

to experience as much

as I can

before I am called back

to the Mystery

that birthed me.

                  - Lauren Taub Cohen

I maintain my home

by dusting the past 

off the present

and organizing the clutter

into three distinct piles - 

What to keep

What's not mine

and by far the bulkiest...

What I've finally outgrown

                  - Lauren Taub Cohen

The intoxicating scent

of rain-soaked earth

smells like renewal

and possibilities in bloom.

                  - Lauren Taub Cohen

I am a sparkler spinning acrobatically

through a darknesss

no longer haunted

but set aglow by insights gleaned

after feeling what ached to be felt.

                              - Lauren Taub Cohen

I stand bathed in the balm

of a sunbeam stretched wide 

and rest in this moment

of unhurried


                       - Lauren Taub Cohen


It was an unconscious choice

I made

to feast on your memory

and starve the emptiness

that threatened to consume


                        - Lauren Taub Cohen

My lips still retain the imprint of yours

and each day we lived apart

I traced your memory

with a maddening devotion

because I couldn't say goodbye.

Now, here we are.

Enveloped in an enduring love

that transcends the boundaries of time

and all I thought possible. 

                                    - Lauren Taub Cohen

(*Outlander fever inspired this mini-poem, which I playfully wrote from Claire's POV.)

The quiet folds

of the moon's milky light

rest upon the silky shadows

of the ocean's ceaseless breath.

                  - Lauren Taub Cohen

Again and again

I train my attention

to catch and release

those small, unfettered joys

which flit toward me

asking only to be seen

and savored as I undertake

the demands of the day.

                       - Lauren Taub Cohen


It was an unconscious choice

I made

to feast on your memory

and starve the emptiness

that threatened to consume


                        - Lauren Taub Cohen

Just knowing I am held

in the sanctuary of your love

gives me the strength I need

to live amidst the past

which often masquerades

as the present.

                        - Lauren Taub Cohen

I watch as dusk gathers in

the motions of the day.

Long, lean shadows stretch themselves upon the sidewalk and blanket buildings

in deepening shades of bluish gray.

Each passing second

accentuates a growing stillness

that guides me back

to the home within.


                                 - Lauren Taub Cohen

I crave poems about

survivors and seekers.

Poems that are unflinchingly fierce and stripped of all armoring. 

Give me an undiluted poem at any hour

and I will sip it slowly.

Intoxicate me with the clarity of truth

and the spirit of everlasting wonder.

                                               - Lauren Taub Cohen

If the cold, damp chill

of despair and doubt should

burrow its way inside your bones,

then take comfort

and warm yourself beside

the hearth that holds 

the truest words I know -

you matter

                          - Lauren Taub Cohen

The Northern Lights

A single strand of kryptonite green

unfurls from a source unseen

and whips across the sky

with a commanding presence

that stuns me into awe.

                               - Lauren Taub Cohen

My story is a galaxy 

comprised of speckled stars

and clusters of constellations

formed by traces of transitory



                          - Lauren Taub Cohen

The scarcity of silence 

is sullied by the ceaseless assaults

of man made noise

which desecrate

the sacrosanct.

                          - Lauren Taub Cohen

There is a placid stillness

beneath the crackle

of incessant fears

inviting me to rest

within the words

my wounds

ache to hear,

"You're okay now."

"You're okay now..."


                          - Lauren Taub Cohen

Puddles of sunlight

undulate with ease

upon the ambling current

without the tension of worry

or the incessant belief 

that something is


                      - Lauren Taub Cohen

I was foolish to think

you'd remain on the page

contained in verse

and tethered by prose.


                      - Lauren Taub Cohen

Summer nights have a knack

for untucking memories

and enticing them 

to slip between 

the folds of time.


                      - Lauren Taub Cohen

With the sun upon my back

I feel like I'm held

in the cupped comfort

of a wordless prayer

loving me into being.

                   - Lauren Taub Cohen

All poetry is an attempt

to find a wholeness and beauty

amidst the pieces and tears

the ruptures and repairs.

A shelter of meaning

a respite from the pain

that forged us poets

and birthed our words.


                        - Lauren Taub Cohen

Sun-baked pine

and taffey-pulled clouds

Starved for sleep

but able to rest


                      - Lauren Taub Cohen

His voice

had the cadence of a hug,

and his eyes spoke

with the clarity 

of kindness.

                   - Lauren Taub Cohen

Some memories

are seductively sneaky.

They slip away

from the receding tide of time

and are delivered into the present

upon the soft winds

of waking dreams.

                              - Lauren Taub Cohen

These moist, melodious notes

of spring's eternal return

rest me into 

a raft of steady



                   - Lauren Taub Cohen

Written by the Teen Within

I have a hidden stash of experiences

that rest in charcoal sketches

rather than photons

pressed into photos.

Unlived memories

framed by regrets

hung in remembrance

of what might have been

had I been willing 

to try

to do 

to dare.


                                      - Lauren Taub Cohen

Sitting Upon A Moss-Barnacle Rock

Full of birdsong

and sunlit leaves.

Empty of want and doing.

Just resting and receiving.

                              - Lauren Taub Cohen

I want to learn to lollygag

like the lumbering black bear

that ambled across my front yard

late last night.

He moved with such bold, confident strides

and groggy, lackadaisical ease.

What a relief it must be

to live without hurry

and the motoring hum

of tireless thoughts.

                                                    - Lauren Taub Cohen

She loved like a leaky faucet

in drips and drops

and fast sputtering spurts.

                              - Lauren Taub Cohen

Sometimes I feel like a baker

combining words to create

flavors of experience,

tastes of memories.

                              - Lauren Taub Cohen

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