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Finding Ease, Not Sleep

I have written another poem, which I wanted to share with all of you. I am like a giddy child lacking patience on her day for show-and-tell. Why should I hang onto this poem and post it next week, when I can post it now? My relationship with sleep has always been a bumpy one. In college it was rather romantic to stay up through the night reading literature and writing poems, but the love affair soon fizzled when I began working a job with standard hours. In this sabbatical year, I have swiftly fallen back into hold habits and am routinely up until 2am and wake around 10am. Ever so often, like last night, I go through the entire night without sleeping. I wrote "Finding Ease, Not Sleep" this afternoon.

Finding Ease, Not Sleep

by Lauren Taub Cohen

Another sleepless night

spent sifting through

thoughts and tracing

the edges of yesterday.

Fragments of memories

flicker in dawn’s

groggy light

like coruscating flakes

of crystal

skimming the surface

of a glassy lake.

I rest within

this unruffled stillness

and if I could purr

I would.

After some time

I slip out from

beneath the sheets

and stretch myself into

the burgeoning bloom

of the yawning day.

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