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Daring to be Me

This morning, I sat down to read and, a mere five sentences into reading, the first stanza of "Daring to be Me" swooped in and snagged my attention. I followed the creative call and the poem below is the result of my efforts:

Daring to be Me

by Lauren Taub Cohen

I love watching

piping plovers flirt

with frisky waves.

First, the skittish birds

scuttle toward

the receding wave,

then they skedaddle away

from the advancing wave

tumbling toward

their tiny legs.

I used to be like that –


Should I?

Shouldn’t I?

What if…?

I used to fear

I would die

before I dared

to give myself,


to what it is

I’ve always known

I must do – write!

If death descends

upon me


as I’ve heard

it’s been known to do,

I can now go


knowing I will depart

without the baggage of


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