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I am still tweaking the poem I said I would have ready today, but I promise not to disappoint. I stumbled across this poem, which I wrote and posted when my blog was in its nascent stage. I think it got buried in the blog entry, and I would like for the poem to have its own post like my other poems. So, here it is again but this time it is receiving the spotlight it deserves.


by Lauren Taub Cohen

With a foggy potion

and a sprinkle of mist,

the silent sorceress

casts a spell

that softens

and soothes

the serrated edges

of the savage mountains

that stand supreme.

This sleepy spell

descends upon me too

and I feel this

solipsistic self

dissolve into the

heavy haze

that shrouds

the lofty mountain


Norwegians call this

troll-ish weather.

When even those who doubt

that trolls exist

begin to doubt their doubt

and dare to believe in

the marvelous mysteries

and boundless possibilities.

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