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Ordinary Magnificence

I wrote "Ordinary Magnificence" this time last year when I realized how I had let doubts and assumptions hinder me from doing what I've always known I wanted to do. In the time between then and now, I am proud to say I've made some changes to realign my life in accordance with my aspirations.

Ordinary Magnificence

by Lauren Taub Cohen

The irises seductively swaggered

draped in their ruffled silk gowns

and the hydrangeas crowded together

with their bursting bosoms

of little lavender leaves

patterned together like a

mermaid’s iridescent tale

at dusk.

And oh those perky daffodils

flirting in their delightful tutus

as the wind embraced them

in a tipsy dance.

I stood before this sight of

ordinary magnificence

and let it illuminate

the sulking shadows

that had lead me to wilt

before I dared to bloom.

What a relief it was

to plant myself

within this crowd of

springtime sprites

and begin to trust

that I too

have the right

to bloom.

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