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Long Island Summers

Long Island Summers

by Lauren Taub Cohen

The sweet and sudden smell

of waffle cones combined

with the saccharine scent of

ice cream causes a smile to melt

across my face.

In the darkened galaxy

of my youth

there were twinkling moments

of simple delights

like licking a scoop

of mint chocolate chip ice cream

precariously perched upon a cone.

The taste of a poppy seed bagel

lathered with cream cheese and

salted by the sea breeze.

Back then I used to pretend

I was a mermaid

and always felt a sense of homecoming

each time I ran

from the sandy shore

into the arms

of the whimsical waves

that carried me farther and farther

away from my landlocked


At night

I snuggled up

against the summer sounds

of crickets and cicadas

celebrating each night

until dawn awoke

and stretched herself

across the satin sky.

This was heaven.

This was a haven.

This is why

I return.

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