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Coming Back to Me

I am learning to listen

to the low-lying eddy


whispering murmurations

of truth and knowing.

For years I mistook

its faint current for something

meek and mumbling.

So, I dismissed it

and even worse

trampled upon it

with the heavy-footed


of override.

I let the familiar thrum

of amped-up urgency

dictate decisions and

drive me farther away

from this whispering well

of me.

But there are times when this current

finds me… a bubble up pause

rising from the depths of my belly

speaking with a steady,

stone-soft cadence…


“This doesn’t feel right.”

“More space and time is needed

before making this decision…

before choosing a direction.”

Sometimes its words

are accompanied by

the sloshy churn of nausea,

a halting jerk or a dizzy


Pause. Sense. Listen.

And, each time I do,

I feel less alone.

I can feel this loyal eddy

widening, deepening

gladdening…rising up

and filling in

what was once

a regrettable rift

between us.

- Lauren Taub Cohen


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