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Simple Delights

We had our first dusting of snow this past Saturday and, not surprisingly, I felt drawn to sit beside my window with my pen and paper. "Simple Delights" captures what I observed, but I took the photo accompanying it a few years ago.

Simple Delights

by Lauren Taub Cohen

Tiny drops of

coruscating crystal

cling to the skeletal

branches of a fledgling

oak tree shivering

beneath my window.

Across the street

a pug and a lab

move in steady circles

straining to sniff

the other’s behind.

Their owners chat idly

as their hands

work like a weavers'

to untangle the

braided leashes.

I laugh hysterically

from my omniscient perch

two stories above this

canine comedy.

People are walking briskly.

Few look up from their phones

or out from their thoughts.

After some time

the owners begin to

move apart and their

dogs begrudgingly

obey the tug to go.

My focus returns

to the woodsy scent

of my rich coffee and

the clanking of pre-war pipes

signaling the entrance

of sibilant steam.

And, here I am

lolling around

in the cozy comfort

of such simple


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