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Photo Reflection

One of the assignments I most loved as a student was when I was asked to reflect upon a quote or a poem. I brought that love into my classroom where I ask my students about once or twice a week to reflect on a quote, a poem, a painting, a photo, a dance, or a piece of music. I feel reflection is crucial to the educative process. We can bring our thoughts and questions to something as opposed to filling our minds and answering questions. It's good to strike a balance. Recently, I've been using this blog to share poems and my reflections, but now it's time for you to reflect.

Yesterday, I was racing to an appointment until I came to a screeching halt. I stood in front of a store window and took the photo below. It was drizzling and I was on the cusp of being late, but I just continued to stare at the display case while my thoughts whirled. When I ask my students to reflect, I give them a couple prompts. They don't have to use them, but some students need to be guided into the reflection process. About midway through the year the students begin to create their own prompts, which I list on the board. Here are a couple prompts to help you reflect on the picture below: What do you notice about the photo? If you could give this photo a title, then what title would you give it? Does this photo inspire any questions? (Reflections can include questions too!)

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