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To All The Slam Poets

Thank you to all the Slam Poets out there

who revitalized me with their distinct rhythm

of percussive truths. Who punctuated words

with silence.

Their hands carved the air

with swift, decisive gestures

underscoring words spoken




They didn’t prod me on

with preachy-pink tones

and saccharine-stained words

of holy this and marvelous that.

Their gritty, blustering honesty

lit me up and left me feeling

a reverential, fuck yeah YES!

I rode the rush of their spitfire ways

pressed my pen upon the page

and a vociferous storm of black ink

thundered out in a tumultuous deluge.

Inky puddles everywhere.

Poems in the making.

Thank you to all the Slam Poets out there

those blistering beacons of confidence

and pugnacious poise, who modeled

rugged realness and offered me

the unfamiliar taste of tangy

wholesome aggression

empowering me

to transmute that soggy heap

of wordless despair

into poetic anthems

of emphatic endurance

and everlasting


- Lauren Taub Cohen


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