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A Teachable Moment

You can imagine my delight when Dr. Rick Hanson asked me if he could read "A Teachable Moment" aloud to his class at Spirit Rock! Talk about taking in the good! I don't think I've been that excited since Mrs. Contey, my third grade teacher, asked the local newspaper to publish my writing assignment. And, they did!

A Teachable Moment

by Lauren Taub Cohen

I awake to the hiss

of water winding its way

through the indifferent clang

of pre-war pipes.

I can smell the steam

before I feel it.

The twitch to begin the day beckons

but a reminder to pause asserts itself.

Why am I so quick to obey

this compulsive command

to do and go?

Why dismiss this moment

of delicious ease?

Isn’t this exactly what I’ve been searching to find

aching to feel?

Safe and soothed.

I relax back

into my bed,

burrow beneath the blankets

and snuggle beside this unexpected gift,

which almost went


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