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Young Love

His shoulders pressed up

against the unwieldy weight

of uncertainty

as he walked towards her

with a longing to savor

and be savored.

She stood where she was

her eyes the color of sorrow,

her posture an apology

she grew tired of saying.

But as he approached,

she began unfurling,

and the glowing light of her

which had been forced to retreat

began to flicker and return.

She wanted him.

She wanted

to be wanted.

Neither one looked away

as the distance between them

shortened to the length of truth

and the silence stretched out

into an expectant tremble of

do-I-don’t-I vulnerability.

He smiled.

She laughed.

A tear slipped free.

And she thought to herself

Sometimes yes

feels like a flutter.

- Lauren Taub Cohen

Photo Credit: @freestocks on Unsplash


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