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Night Bathing

Right outside my window

a rain of birdsong rushes in -

chickadees chatting,

warblers whistling,

blue jays commanding

and robins cavorting.

A chaotic mizzle of notes

soak the air with sounds

until the sky begins

to darken...

turning a shade

of wet denim blue.

Sounds begin softening

scents begin rising -

damp, spongy earth

and fresh beginnings

all sprawled out and heavy

upon the night’s cooling air.

The taste of sunshine lingers

as the sky becomes

an obsidian ocean

of star-speckled wonder.

There’s a knowing in my body

and I follow its wanting.

I slide the screen door open

and step outside to bathe in

and soak up

the dark, moist quietude

of now

until my face is wrinkled

from smiling and my body feels

as supple as seaweed

bobbing upon

a moonlit


- Lauren Taub Cohen

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