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Finding My Way Back

I was in motion

before I even began

created from and by

a compilation and


of intersecting moments

of connection that birthed


before there was bone.

Somewhere along the way

I forgot all that

and searched outside


for that elusive feel

of belonging I once knew

but lost …

as I began to live

amidst the tumultuous rush

of hurry and too much

continuously pulling me

out and away from my body

like an insidious riptide

causing all kinds of rifts

and separations.

But as I sit here now

resting back

into my body

I feel I’m reconnecting with

and returning to

a vast expanse

of wordless wonder

nurturing me

into being.

I’m laughing as I realize

what I’ve been wanting to feel

has been with me

and within me

this entire time

patiently waiting

for me

to return.

- Lauren Taub Cohen

*This poem is inspired by Eugene Gendlin's philosophy and my training in Inner Relationship Focusing. To learn more about Gendlin's extraordinary work, CLICK HERE to read an article written by my teacher, Ann Weiser Cornell.


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